Introduction to Serviced Offices

The mandatory minimum fixed term for commercial leases in India is a three year period. That means that for a company looking to set up an office, it will need to commit to paying the rent for a selected property continuously for 3 years before the contract can be terminated. Frontline offers you the flexibility to rapidly upscale, downsize or move on as your business needs change. Our flexible agreements ensure that you will not be tied in for any longer than you need. In uncertain economic times, we appreciate that you would want to mitigate risk as much as possible.

Renting an office at Frontline business centre will free up valuable cash, as the start up costs are minimal, and with no capital expenditure involved, you remove a huge liability from your balance sheet. The move-in process is efficient and pain-free, so you can commence business immediately, addressing your business needs rather than spending time setting up your office space.

We believe in transparency with no surprises or hidden charges!

What is included in the fee?

  Ready, fully furnished ‘plug and play’ offices.
  High Speed Internet.
  24 hours access.
  All electricity charges included.
  NO additional building maintenance charges.
  NO printer ‘non usage’ charge (client can freely use their own printer in their room).
  NO need for an initial fee set up or entry fee.
  NO additional signage charges.
  NO Access Card charges.
  Free Tea / Coffee Service.